Over the the past 4 years my business has grown in more ways than one. Accumulating new equipment, carrying stock and processing more orders has obviously lead to the need for more physical space. My large lampshades are 40cm x 38cm and once I have made and boxed up more than a couple of these I can't move for the wall of boxes! So with this in mind, it was either move the business to a larger premises, or make the one I am in bigger. The thought of leaving the beautiful cricket pavilion was not ideal, so when an old portakabin became available on the next door farm, this seemed like fate, it was time to extend.

The concrete pads were poured and leveled a few weeks before the move. The portakabin is to sit on concrete blocks, on top of these pads. We transported the building on the back of the tractor and trailer, in the same way that we moved the pavilion in 2005.

However this time there was no need for a crane, just the farm loader and chains. It was my job to go onto the roof and move the chains from the hooks at the front to the ones at the back of the building. This was a little unnerving when the Portakabin was up on the full height of it's stilts! With a little patience the building was soon in it's new position. Now the fun bit of renovating it began.

The first thing to do was to cut a new doorway into the side of the building, so that it could be accessed along the veranda of the pavilion. Thankfully my dad is extremely handy and was solely in charge of this task! The next job was to remove the partition wall between the two far rooms to create one large, light workspace with 4 windows. A few coats of white paint soon added to the new feeling of space, then it was in with some durable carpet and blackout blinds to give it some warmth. Finally the Pièce de résistance was to build my new bespoke workbench, which I love. Finally having a table which is built to the right height to work at, whilst being big enough to roll out metres of fabric is bliss. Again dad, thank you!