Well, I apologise that this is only my first running blog entry since re-launching my website in February! I can assure you that I have been training very hard however, particularly for the Mont Blanc Cross in France, that I took part in last weekend. This race started in the very flat centre of Chamonix on a combination of tarmac roads and wide gravel lanes, before zigzaging through forests up steep and narrow mountains paths. Much of the race was so steep that majority of people (including myself) could only power walk up. After several hellish ascents and equally grueling descents, the 23km race came to a finish with a 'wall' of grass, that felt like it was practically vertical!

I don't think I have ever taken on so much food during a race, including two feed station stops. My jelly sweets certainly kept me going! I was delighted to finish and even more delighted with my time of 3 hours, 57 minutes and 24 seconds.

It is by far the hardest race I have ever taken part in. Would I do it again...............? Absolutely!

The gorgeous snow capped Mountains of Chamonix Me pre race, very nervous! The 23k start line It gets steeper.... Nearly there... Only 250m to go! Phew, finished!