When I moved back to Yorkshire in 2009, one of the 1st things that I did was to get a dog. It was something that I had really missed whilst living in London, having a dog gives you a sense of purpose. Having grown up on a farm, we always had dogs around, namely 'Bertie' who was a wire haired terrier and 'Pepsi' who was a black lab/collie cross and her daughter Luby. Bertie was nick-named 'Dirty Bertie as he was forever running away after his lady friends, often missing overnight!

My dog 'Luby' died earlier this year, but she was nearly 17 and had a very happy life with the farm as her huge playground. On June 15th 2009, my now dog Tilly was born with eight brothers and sisters from 'Whitby' our faithful Labrador! 'Tilly' is a fab companion to have when working alone. She motivates me to go out for walks and clear my head, plus she is fantastic in winter as she will sleep on my feet under the desk, keeping them warm!

So when I rant on about my dog on Twitter............. you know who I am talking about!