Following on from my last blog post regarding the creation of Jorja Wilkinson Design the brand, I have an announcement to make.......

I have undergone a full makeover and I have to say, it is looking pretty good! Goodbye Jorja Wilkinson Design, say hello Georgia Wilkinson.

I am sure that this is going to briefly confuse my loyal repeat customers, but hopefully will avoid a lot more confusion to those new ones. I have often been asked, if I was christened Jorja, and when I reply no, "then why I have decided to have this as my business name?" (newbies, please refer to previous blog post for the answer!)

Although at first I wanted to keep some separation between me and business, I have realised 5 years later, that is exactly what I should NOT be doing. My USP (unique selling point) is not surprisingly me, so why not have my name at the forefront of the business moving forward?

Ok, so new name.... new logo. I wanted to keep an essence of the old, but recreate it for the future. No question, the Magpies had to stay. With a little help from the good people at Impulse Media in Leeds, we have been beavering away over the dark winter months to create my new emblem.

Here it is, I do hope you like it!