Since springtime a couple of swallows and house martins, have made their home in the porch of the farmhouse. Every time you opened the back door, you were narrowly dodged by a speeding bird either entering or leaving the nests. It was not long before the house repairs were done and the birds laid their eggs. Unfortunately the swallows did not seem to have fared as well this year and in late June I picked up 3 dead gollies from the floor, that must only have been a day old.

The good news is, there was a good hatching from the house martin's nest and it wasn't long before several head could be seen bobbing above the edge of the nest.

This is a photo taken on Saturday, they are all neatly lined up along the front of the nest. The photos was taken just in time, as on Sunday.....

.................They had all flown the nest. They are still buzzing around the yard, crash landing on the window sills and learning to feed for themselves. I am going to miss their cheerful chips, but maybe not the big pile of poo on the doorstep!