Thought I would give you a little sneaky peek, into what I have been doing last week. Following numerous requests for Pheasants I have finally had time to sit down with my lovely bird books, paper and paintbrush!

These images which I am going to transfer onto a silk screen, are inspired by the style of old wood block prints.
I have never been able to paint a successful image first time out... I start by sketching with pencil, but I soon get bored of this and move on to the paintbrush and black guache.

Once I have finished painting the image, I rub out the pencil lines and scan it into my computer. This gives me the opportunity to change the scale, before printing it out.

I can now use overlay paper on top of the print-out, and re-work the areas that I am not happy with... in this case the legs and wing.

This process of painting and scanning may only be done once, but with Mr Pheasant it took me 6 times to get him just how I wanted him!

On the final scan, the images is then printed out onto acetate for engraving onto my silkscreen.

Unfortunately I do not have the luxury of a light exposure unit, but thankfully Steve Wood is nearby in Tockwith and he does this for me.

Once I have the screen back, it is time to test it out :) I am rather pleased with how they have turned out. What do you think?