I am lucky enough to have a fantastic cricket pavilion for my studio. Built in the 1930s, it provided changing facilities for the home and away teams at Helperby cricket ground until 2005, when it was superseded by a brand new brick building.

The old wooden pavilion was offered up for sale and thinking she wouldn't get it, my mum put in a £50 bid but surprisingly nobody else wanted it! Having a blacksmith brother came in very handy, as he made a metal frame, which was welded together underneath the floor joists. With a little help from a very big crane, the straps were attached to each corner of the pavilion. We all held our breath as the building was slowly lifted into the air (we were half expecting it to fall in two) and over the top of the hedge into the field on the other side.

Here my dad was waiting with the tractor and low loader trailer, which was more used to transporting round bales of straw!

It was then a very cautious drive down the green lanes from Helperby to it's new home in Pilmoor. When the crane lifted onto it's new concrete block footing every door and window opened perfectly, the old wooden building hadn't appeared to move an inch.

The pavilion in it's new home.